S. Kirk Huffaker DMD, MDS

100 Glen St Suite 1b Glens Falls, NY 12801

(518) 792-3636

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Mountain View Endodontics began in 2009. Dr. Huffaker was teaching endodontics to undergraduate dental students in Connecticut and decided that it was time to “hang his shingle” and open a private practice. Having grown very fond of the small towns, excellent schools, and close knit communities of the Northeast, Dr. Huffaker and his wife decided to look for a practice in this part of the country. Dr. Huffaker’s wife grew up in a small mountain community next to a lake in northern Idaho so the challenge was to find a place out here that could match his wife’s memories of home. That challenge was met when Dr. Huffaker met Dr. John Murphy in the fall of 2008.

Dr. Murphy was ready to retire and was looking for someone to take over his practice in Glens Falls, NY…a small mountain community next to a lake. Dr. Huffaker and his wife made the short trip from Farmington, CT to Glens Falls, NY and immediately fell in love with the area. Dr. Huffaker moved his family to upstate NY, Dr. Murphy retired shortly thereafter, and Mountain View Endodontics was born. Since that time, Dr. Huffaker has been working with the dentists of Northeast NY to maintain the natural dentition of this community by providing excellence in root canal treatment. Our practice is small (there’s only 3 of us) and we consider ourselves more family than coworkers.